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Ordinary People. Ordinary Things. with Melissa Radke

Aug 21, 2018

Out of all of the podcast episodes that I have hosted, today’s guest is the most excited of all. My special guest today is my son Rocco Radke. My daughter Remi and other family and friends have been on the show. It’s now Rocco’s turn, and he chose today’s topic. We discuss our upcoming family sitcom that will be airing on the USA Network either this fall or early next year.

Having the show is a big decision that will not only affect me and my life, but it will have an effect on my entire family. Today, Rocco and I discuss how he feels about having our family life filmed, and he shares some fears and unique insights. This was a fun show for both of us. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

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Show Notes

  • [03:59] Rocco is excited to be on the show.
  • [05:07] Rocco wants to talk about the TV show we are going to have.
  • [05:34] We are having an unscripted family sitcom coming to the USA Network. It will probably air this fall or early 2019.
  • [06:37] We have been dancing with the network for about a year and a half. Rocco and Remi have been here for every bit of it.
  • [07:06] Our front yard and backyard are being landscaped, and there are big rocks in the yard.
  • [07:25] Rocco explains why he thinks they want to film our family.
  • [07:34] We just have fun together, and if you have fun together it can take you a long way.
  • [07:47] Rocco shares how Melissa is always telling him to be quiet when she is on business calls.
  • [08:13] We have talked to Rocco and Remi about how they feel about being on the show. Rocco is exited, but a bit nervous.
  • [09:09] Rocco is a baseball and basketball player. He is not nervous about people in the stands, because he is focused on the game.
  • [10:22] Rocco shares how it is exciting, but scary to know that a lot of people will be watching our show and lives.
  • [10:42] One worry that Rocco has is that he could possibly do the wrong thing, and it won't be edited out.
  • [11:09] We have prayed so much about the people that we have signed up to work with. Everybody is wonderful.
  • [11:43] Jesus and God have been with us every step of the way. We are blessed.
  • [12:31] I am so proud of Rocco.
  • [13:02] Rocco's the Best will be the title of Rocco's podcast.
  • [13:51] Rocco shares his thoughts on each person's role in the upcoming show. Daddy is fun to play with. He likes to go outside and play a lot. He also goes on Remi's side, because they are both competitive.
  • [14:40] Remi will be fun on the show.
  • [14:48] Noni or Grandma is funny and fun. Although, she can be serious and is good at board games.
  • [15:28] She also sides with the kids and loves them very much.
  • [15:41] Poppy or grandpa is fun, but he has had surgery recently.
  • [15:57] Aunt Mara will be super fun on the show, but don't hug her if you don't want to be tickled.
  • [16:34] Aunt Melba or Honey will be fun when she is not at work.
  • [16:50] Pastor Jeremy will be an explosive character.
  • [17:06] Rocco shares who he thinks will be the biggest breakout star of the show.
  • [17:44] America may not be ready for Granny.
  • [18:33] A brief lesson on love and the solar system.
  • [19:21] The lightning round featuring Rocco.
  • [21:14] I have no idea what I'm doing. This opportunity is scaring the pants off of me.
  • [21:37] I'm agreeing to something that will affect my children, marriage, and entire family. There will be an effect.
  • [22:20] I wonder why I'm doing this.
  • [22:54] My motto is why walk down the street when you could just have a parade.
  • [23:01] I hope me bringing my life to your TV is as much a blessing to you as it will be to me.

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