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Ordinary People. Ordinary Things. with Melissa Radke

Nov 19, 2019

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Today, David and I are talking about all things Thanksgiving. Before we begin , are you watching us in the mornings? Monday through Friday David Radke and I go live on Instagram and Facebook for what we call Rise & Radke. This is a must see. It's cute, ridiculous, and you'll gain nothing from it, except for having a really good time. 

We've just come off of several weeks of talking about addiction. We received so many emails. Addiction is so prevalent, yet people don't always want to talk about it. That really struck a chord with people, but those are heavier podcasts. Today, we need something a little more light hearted. You’re probably relieved that this episode is going to be light and jolly. It is, but… we have a very large audience. Not everybody has a family like I have. 

After the TV show, people often think everything with my family is always hunky-dory. It's more than likely that we are spending our Thanksgiving with people that we don't always get and who don't always get us. I know many of you listeners are probably dealing with that too. A lot of times during Thanksgiving and Christmas people just put on their Hallmark smiles. Hopefully, this show gives you the opportunity to improve your communication and have more meaningful experiences with these people that you may not see that often.

Before we begin, I just want to let you know that I'm smart enough to know that I don't have all of the answers, but I'm in it with you. I'm trying to wrestle through family dysfunction just like you are. For us, this Thanksgiving is going to feel so nice, because last Thanksgiving was so hard. There was some brokenness, hurt feelings, and anger last Thanksgiving. In February and March, we fought for our family and went to Onsite to work through our issues. Now, I’m so excited for the holidays. 

Show Notes:

  • [11:20] Our family went to Onsite, and we worked through everything. Things are much easier when everyone is involved and works through the process. 
  • [11:49] Find like mindedness if you can. I follow Jay Shetty online. He recently gave a list of things we need to stop expecting from people. 
  • [13:22] Let's work on ourselves and not expect stuff from our family. Feelings follow actions. Be ready to pass out love. 
  • [15:55] Melissa tries to guess David's favorite holiday. Christmas is by far his favorite. There was a period of time when Christmas created too much money stress. 
  • [17:58] We still don't have that much more money, but what we have is an emotional perspective. 
  • [19:10] We made a promise to be honest in these podcasts. David is more sensitive than me. This topic stirs up emotions.
  • [20:41] Reaffirming that gifts and money don't matter can help with the holiday pressure. 
  • [22:04] The advertisements and commercialism can inundate people with pressure to overspend or feel inadequate. 
  • [23:41] Melissa's favorite holiday is not her birthday. Her favorite is Easter. 
  • [24:52] Broccoli and cheese casserole and cauliflower salad are the two things that disappoint David when they are not on the Thanksgiving table. 
  • [26:31] Melissa is going to make the cauliflower salad this year. Thanksgiving is all about the carbs. 
  • [27:40] Her best friend from North Dakota is shocked how Melissa's family puts bacon in everything. 
  • [28:37] Her mom's dressing is the best. Meridith makes the best potatoes. Melissa makes the best baked beans. 
  • [30:30] David takes a long nap after dinner. 
  • [31:46] David loved their evening Thanksgiving in Nashville. They had a country fried Thanksgiving. 
  • [33:36] David thinks it's sad that some family members have to cut out and go to another dinner.
  • [34:09] Melissa is already decorating for Christmas. She wants to enjoy it longer. It feels like the holidays are extended.
  • [35:58] David is thankful that he and Melissa work together. They have great close friends. He is also thankful for the new season of Jack Ryan. 
  • [36:52] Melissa loves her town and her kid's school. She loves that their church is growing, and it's creating community. She also loves all of the new streaming services. 
  • [38:46] David is also excited and thankful for is coming up in 2020.
  • [39:25] We love you. Have a beautiful and blessed Thanksgiving. 

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