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Ordinary People. Ordinary Things. with Melissa Radke

Feb 26, 2019

2019 is about body, mind, and soul. These three topics are connected within all of us, because you can’t change one without affecting the other. I am so excited to focus on these topics. I know in 2020, when I look back at this year, I will see a healthier, happier, more hopeful me.

The first few weeks of this podcast were focused on the body. Now it’s time to focus on the mind. This is a very special and personal topic for me. For years, I was a victim to my own thoughts. What we think about is what we become. This topic is so important that I recorded this episode, thought about it for a week, and then did it all over again.

This is a topic that I have lived and can speak about from the heart. In this episode, I talk about retraining our minds, not believing lies others tell us, not believing lies we tell ourselves, and what a difference our thoughts can make in our lives. This topic is so important to me that I’m even creating a course around it.

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Show Notes

  • [06:33] There were times when I was an enemy to my own self whether it was believing I was too good or believing that I was nothing.
  • [06:49] It's difficult to train our minds.
  • [07:46] The way we do everything from parenting to work is based on the things that we think.
  • [08:40] I can't negate the importance of what goes on in our minds. Even the scriptures tell us to think of good things and things that are lovely.
  • [09:09] What we process in our minds is what we choose to let in, and this creates the words that come out of our mouths.
  • [10:48] My depression was a mind issue for me. In my mind, there was a war raging for my thoughts and my life.
  • [11:37] I had to change my focus and my thoughts. I had to write sentences and put them around my house.
  • [12:11] We are believing lies and not just lies from the people who spoke them but also from ourselves.
  • [12:31] So many of us have had negative things spoken to us as children. Why do we believe the hate?
  • [13:49] I remember things people said to me, and I remember my go to lines.
  • [13:55] Why am I trying to lose weight? Girls like me can't lose weight?
  • [16:13] I did not realize the power my own thoughts had over my life. If I thought I would fail in a certain situation, I would.
  • [16:37] When I put the work into changing the thoughts in my head, my life changed.
  • [17:25] I spent years replacing every single lie in my mind with the truth. I spent years fighting for my life and my mind.
  • [18:14] It's so important that you understand that your thoughts control your life that I am creating a course about it.
  • [19:59] There is nothing you believe, that you haven't given yourself permission to believe.
  • [23:31] Stop waging war on yourself and thinking things are never going to change and things are never going to get better.
  • [24:21] "Whenever you hear opportunity knocking just know that on the other side of it is work." Brendon Burchard
  • [24:24] You have an opportunity to change the way you think, and we are going to do it together.
  • [26:02] We are going to remove one lie at a time and replace it with something positive. Like pulling weeds and replacing them with flowers.
  • [29:17] I want you to know that I'm mad at you for being an enemy to yourself. Why can't you see yourself Like Jesus does?
  • [32:26] I take every thought I have, and I make it sit down and shut up if it doesn't align with the truth that I know to be about me.

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