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Ordinary People. Ordinary Things. with Melissa Radke

Jun 19, 2018

As most of you know, I have a daughter named Remi. This episode is about another Remi, and her amazing family. Crystal Sepulvado is a wife, mother, and nurse practitioner who had her faith shaken to the core when her now nine month old daughter Remi was born eight weeks early with multiple health problems requiring multiple surgeries.

I am excited about this inspiring interview. Another thing I am excited about is that my book Eat Cake. Be Brave. is being released on July 17th. In honor of my book release, I will be reading excerpts from the book that apply to each podcast. This one is especially pertinent. I’m reading When Hope Is Your Name which is a letter I wrote to my daughter Remi.

Crystal is an inspiring woman, wife, and mother. She shares her family's story of Remi being born. She not only shares the multiple challenges she faced, but she shares how hope and faith kept her going. Crystal is a woman of unwavering faith and an inspiration and a help to others.

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Show Notes

  • [03:23] When Hope Is Your Name - Book excerpt. Eat Cake. Be Brave.
  • [06:27] Crystal saw her son at the ball field hanging out with Melissa's daughter Remi.
  • [08:07] Crystal and her husband Shane were married 10 years ago. They have three children. She was born and raised in the Hudson and Lufkin area.
  • [09:14] Melissa and Crystal both like the double R names.
  • [09:52] Crystal's daughter Remi is nine months old, and this is her story.
  • [10:20] Crystal is a nurse practitioner who works in women's health.
  • [10:51] Crystal had an ultrasound and discovered that there was fluid around Remi's heart.
  • [12:22] It was so serious, Crystal saw a specialist on the next Monday.
  • [13:14] They found out that Remi had a very serious heart defect. She also had fluid building up in her heart.
  • [14:47] Crystal shares her experience of getting the diagnostic cardiac ultrasounds. The long period in that dark chamber is where her faith started to kick in.
  • [17:25] Double bubble is narrowing or closure of the intestine. Fluid was building up on Crystal. All of the fluid put Crystal into early labor.
  • [19:11] She went into delivery eight weeks early, and Remi had a heart defect and a small bowel problem.
  • [19:37] Crystal had so many fears including the concern of Remi having an incision scar down her chest.
  • [20:14] She had an emergency C-section. Remi also had a fistula, so she was facing three surgeries.
  • [22:39] Crystal was still in the hospital, but she had a FaceTime session with the surgeon and in spite of it being life or death, they were able to correct all three things.
  • [24:11] Shane refused to believe that there would be any other outcome than Remi's surgery coming out perfect.
  • [25:01] How worship music is lifesaving.
  • [25:39] Crystal was discharged from the hospital, so that she could go see her baby.
  • [27:25] Crystal had to go get her son ready for his first day of school. As she was leaving the hospital, Remi coded on the table.
  • [27:41] They went through several weeks of ups and downs. The holes in Remi's heart were fairly big, and she had a lot of trouble breathing on her own.
  • [28:18] It was finally time for the dreaded open-heart surgery. As it turned out, this was one of the easier surgeries that they faced.
  • [29:06] After leaving the hospital, they found out that Remi had softening of the trachea.
  • [29:28] They faced so many challenges. One thing after another kept happening.
  • [30:18] Everyday, Crystal was scared to death. It's okay to be vulnerable and feel those things, but you can't stay there.
  • [31:35] They had to start speaking life over death and now they have their sweet Remi.
  • [34:31] In situations like this things don't come immediately, and Crystal had to learn patience. She learned patience, and she had to have faith.
  • [36:33] Crystal knew this wasn't God's fault. She knew if she continued to have faith, that things would turn around for His glory.
  • [37:11] She stuck to scripture and believing in the lord.
  • [38:02] How faith helps you to get through to the next day. Crystal also had laminated cards with scripture everywhere.
  • [38:22] She wrote her testimony and her story in a journal.
  • [39:36] The biggest thing she learned from this experience was to have faith.
  • [41:43] If you're struggling or going through a dilemma, find someone else going through that dilemma and help them. Praying and faith helps families during these trying times.
  • [42:41] If you can help someone else through a situation, things will turn around for you.
  • [43:01] Crystal believed that they were placed their divinely for some of the other families.
  • [43:42] God knew what Crystal needed, but he also knew that she could help someone else and that would renew her.
  • [45:16] How God always completes the picture.
  • [46:40] God was preparing Crystal to help other women and parents in need. This story will give women hope to pray.
  • [47:21] Don't stop believing and don't stop praying.
  • [49:07] The lightning round…
  • [51:33] The closing of the When Hope Is Your Name chapter.

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