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Ordinary People. Ordinary Things. with Melissa Radke

Feb 26, 2018

Melissa explains why she chose the title Ordinary People. Ordinary Things on her very first podcast episode. And why "ordinary" might be one of the most perfect words of all.

Melissa explains why she chose the title Ordinary People. Ordinary Things on her very first podcast episode. And why "ordinary" might be one of the most perfect words of all.

The world is a series of miracles. We’re just so used to seeing them, we call them ordinary things. You are listening to Ordinary People Ordinary Things, and I am your host Melissa Radke, and I am the most ordinariest of them all.

Welcome to episode #1 of the podcast. If you have never heard of me before, you are listening to this episode based on my podcast thumbnail picture. I thank you for that. You know how they say a picture is worth 1000 words? This picture is only worth 31.

I am holding a pillow on my head, because I was asking for something, and my husband was telling me no, and whenever he does that I cover my head and pout. I am a giant child, and you will either come to love me or loathe me. Welcome to the show.

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Show Notes

  • [01:45] There is no gray area when it comes to me. People either love me or want to have me killed.
  • [02:29] I started making videos on Facebook, about a year ago. My husband suggested I put videos on social media instead of just writing posts.
  • [02:55] When you have a face for radio, putting yourself out there for the mass population is a bit scary.
  • [03:18] One of the first videos I did was called Red Ribbon Week. This is where our school has us dress our kids up every day in order for them to stay off of drugs. I couldn't make sense of this in my head.
  • [04:09] Monday dress like a Minion. Tuesday wear crazy socks and crazy hair. Thursday, we don't want drugs to find us, wear camouflage.
  • [04:28] I was railing about how this didn't make sense and that little video has had about 100 million views, and that was the start of me doing more video and saying more things.
  • [04:43] This video has opened a ton of doors for me on social media platforms.
  • [05:21] I am married to a man I like to call the Attorney General, because no fun can be found in him.
  • [06:38] We have been married for 23 years and 18 of them have been really really awesome. I adore him. We have two children Remi and Rocco.
  • [07:27] I am from a small town in East Texas called Lufkin.
  • [07:57] The Attorney General and I lived in Nashville for about 16 years, but we moved back to Lufkin, my hometown about seven years ago.
  • [08:12] We were in the music business in Nashville. Nashville is awesome, but we wanted to raise our children around family and Texas BBQ.
  • [09:08] I have been a podcast fan for a while now. I'm a mom, and I live in my car. I am always listening to something, and I like how podcasts have a wide spectrum of options.
  • [10:38] I am hooked on Atlanta Monster, but don't turn it on when your kids are in the car.
  • [11:56] I have so many favorite podcasts. If you have a recommendation, feel free to hit me up. I'm always looking for great shows. I'm also so happy to have my own little piece of podcast real estate.
  • [12:06] Do you ever look at the cover of InStyle Magazine and say I really relate to that woman? When you see JLo at the Oscars, do you think to yourself I really get her?
  • [12:45] Unfortunately, I do relate to those what not to wear articles where the woman has the black band across her face.
  • [13:36] Some of the best and most relatable people that I have ever met are ordinary.
  • [14:16] My professor was an ordinary man, but he gave me life-changing advice.
  • [14:55] I set this podcast up, so I can interview ordinary people that are just like you and me.
  • [16:59] When you are sick nothing beats your mom's homemade chicken and dumplings. You know what those are? They are ordinary.
  • [18:22] We are not famous, well-known, or experts in any field. We're just people trying to do the best we can.
  • [18:48] I think you'll find that I'm a lot like you, and that you fit in here.
  • [19:56] The ordinary moments make up the big stuff.
  • [21:02] Melissa shares her last great moment that she remembers. The family pulled up to Ray's Drive In in Melissa's car Big Darla. They ordered cheeseburgers and watched America's Funniest Home Videos on the laptop.
  • [22:55] You don't need perfection. As Brene Brown says, "Joy comes to us in ordinary moments".

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