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Ordinary People. Ordinary Things. with Melissa Radke

Jan 8, 2019

Welcome to season 2 of the Ordinary People Ordinary Things podcast. I loved doing the first season so much that we are doing another round. Now that I have one season down, the second season is going to be better than ever. I will be telling the stories that I’ve always wanted to tell.

These stories will be told by people who I’ve learned the most from in my life. Ordinary people like you and me. We will be breaking the season down into three sections of body, mind, and soul. Next week kicks off with a special guest as we start with the body topic.

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Show Notes

  • [03:52] I am so excited about season 2. I'm going to tell the stories that I've always wanted to tell. Those stories are going to be about ordinary People, because the best lessons I've ever learned in my life are from ordinary people like you and me.
  • [04:34] This season you are going to hear from some really amazing people with some really amazing stories.
  • [05:02] If you want to hear how ordinary people like you and I have rebounded from the same heartbreaks, then do I have a podcast for you.
  • [05:26] Eat Cake Be Brave was born on July 17th. Something shifted in me the day that the book was released. I felt so vulnerable or metaphorically exposed.
  • [06:39] This was one of the scariest and loneliest that I've ever felt in my life. So then, I dove in head-first into a television show.
  • [07:00] The more exposed I became the more acutely aware I became of the need to protect and heal myself.
  • [07:31] I became more aware of my shortcomings and brokenness maybe more than ever before.
  • [07:46] I started journaling again, seeing my counselor, reading books that help me, and finding quiet time to pray.
  • [08:20] If I don't figure out why I do the things that I do now, will I ever?
  • [08:33] I have to handle myself gently, but I do have to handle myself.
  • [10:05] You may not learn how to parent your children or run on a budget from me, but you will always see me try to be kinder and try to be more patient.
  • [10:59] If there's something you want to do, you should just try.
  • [11:36] Our body, our mind and our souls are all intricately connected.
  • [12:55] Nothing can make you happy unless it's done with the other two.
  • [13:37] What good is it to have it all if your soul isn't healthy.
  • [14:29] This season is going to be divided into three parts. Body, mind, and soul. Each focus area will consist of a few weeks.
  • [14:41] We will have guests to make you think, make you cry, and we will make you laugh your head off.
  • [15:03] The first topic is our bodies.
  • [18:47] Here's to an incredible Season 2 of Ordinary People Ordinary Things. I'm excited.

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