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Ordinary People. Ordinary Things. with Melissa Radke

Aug 7, 2018

This is a super fun episode with a guest I just love. Raegan Williamson from Raegan Williamson Aesthetics & Permanent Cosmetics is here to talk about everything to do with our faces. Reagan has been doing makeup since she was a teenager and has been a nurse for 10 years. She does amazing work with eyebrow microblading, permanent eyeliner, and botox.  

In this episode, Raegan shares her background and experience. We talk about these procedures and what to look for and ask when choosing an esthetician. We talk about who these procedures are for and the latest trends and techniques for keeping everyone looking their best. Reagan also shares some fun stories and some touching stories too.  

You can find Raegan here: 

Raegan Williamson Aesthetics & Permanent Cosmetics on Facebook 
Raegan Cassels Williamson on Instagram 

Show Notes 

  • [02:59] Reagan has been a nurse for about 10 years. She started with aesthetic nursing. She started doing permanent cosmetics about five years ago. She worked for a doctor and did makeup on the side. 
  • [03:56] Reagan knew she could help women with eyebrows that looked more natural. She went to one school and didn't learn the technique that she wanted, so she went to Beverly Hills and learned microblading. 
  • [05:15] Reagan has been doing makeup since she was 15 years old. She also got Botox when she was in her 20s. 
  • [06:45] In the sixth grade, Reagan's best friend plucked out every single one of her eyebrows. She never really recovered. She has been filling eyebrows in before filling eyebrows in was cool. 
  • [08:41] Reagan specializes in microblading eyebrows which is a natural hair stroke technique. She also does eyeliner and lip liner.  
  • [09:31] Melissa originally went to Reagan because she wanted something done with her eyebrows. 
  • [10:08] Reagan also helped Melissa's mother after she lost all of her eyebrows from radiation and chemo. 
  • [10:27] Reagan also did Melissa's permanent eyeliner. 
  • [10:36] Permanent eyeliner is a huge help. 
  • [11:05] Reagan has helped a lot of women who have alopecia. 
  • [11:41] Permanent eyeliner also makes these women will never grow eyelashes again feel better. 
  • [12:54] The most popular frequent thing people are asking for is Botox. Reagan also does a lot of brotox. 
  • [14:52] Your face shouldn't be numb after botox. Go to someone who knows what they are doing. Don't hesitate to ask how long they have been doing it.  
  • [16:49] Reagan's mom is her worst client ever. She has a funny video of her mom getting Botox. 
  • [20:19] Botox can be used under your arms to treat overactive sweating. It can also be used for migraines. Botox can also help with TMJ. 
  • [23:51] Botox can also slim the face. 
  • [24:36] The underarm injections usually last from 4 to 6 months. 
  • [25:06] Botox lasts from 3 to 4 months. Reagan sells her Botox by the unit. It's $12 a unit. You're paying for the expertise not the product. 
  • [26:09] There are three neural modulators on the market. 
  • [27:43] Permanent makeup saves time. Some people have makeup allergies and they get permanent makeup.  
  • [28:48] Eyebrow tattooing is now a huge trend. 
  • [30:10] Reagan recommends getting your eyebrows redone every 2 to 3 years. Eyebrows usually cost around $500. 
  • [31:30] The longevity for lip liner isn't very long. 
  • [33:10] Steer clear of magic marker eyebrows. Ask to see pictures and get referrals for the tech you're seeing. 
  • [33:38] Reagan's favorite trend is Is powder ombre brow. To create more of a filled in brow. She is having her brows done and meeting with a trainer.  
  • [36:21] Scar tissue can build up, so you can't do the brow repeatedly.  
  • [38:06] The lightning round... 

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