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Ordinary People. Ordinary Things. with Melissa Radke

Oct 1, 2019

I often get asked why I chose Ordinary People Ordinary Things for the name of this podcast. I wanted to do a podcast, because I like to hear myself talk, and I have some pretty good things to say along with some ridiculous things to say. I'm not famous. I'm not wealthy. I'm just ordinary me, so that's how I named the show. I interview ordinary people, and chances are, you are ordinary too. Some of the best lessons I've ever learned were from ordinary people. 

When we take a second look, we realize that the things we do everyday aren't ordinary at all. Maybe it takes fresh eyes to see that my role as a parent is a living breathing miracle, and I'm lucky to get to do it. There are miracles all around us in the ordinary. This is why today's guest is so important. Lisa Jo Baker is a fangirl of ordinary life, author, speaker, co-host of the Out of the Ordinary Podcast and champion of women and Netflix. Lisa-Jo lives just outside of Washington DC with her husband of over 20 years and 3 of the loudest kids you've ever heard, and I’m thrilled to talk with her today.

Show Notes:

  • [03:34] Lisa-Jo is from South Africa. She is named after her mom Jo. Her son is Jackson Jo. 
  • [05:28] The designer for the book cover asked Lisa-Jo for a placeholder photo. This photo ended up being used on the cover. It captured Lisa-Jo as she really was while throwing a kids birthday party surrounded by friends. 
  • [10:00] Lisa-Jo was an attorney and practiced human rights law in the Ukraine for the UN. 
  • [10:26] She writes and speaks and is still an advocate for women. I started blogging and several books were born out of it. 
  • [11:16] She went from advocating as an attorney to being an advocate as a writer. Her husband is a professor of political science. She also has three kids.
  • [12:59] I share the introduction to Lisa-Jo's book The Middle Matters.
  • [14:39] The middle is the place where our lives really live.
  • [16:43] Most of us live very ordinary days, but our kids are interested in our stories. Lisa-Jo's book is like a snapshot of her life. Most of our lives are lived in the middle.
  • [19:35] Lisa-Jo wants to help women embrace those middle moments. It's about seeing the day not seizing the day. 
  • [21:21] It's a challenge to write or work and still capture those ordinary moments. 
  • [22:18] Lisa-Jo needs to be anchored to people who see her real self. 
  • [25:40] Lisa-Jo shares her feelings about her muffin top. She is also happy to share her age. 
  • [30:01] Nobody is as critical of us as we are. Women should be proud of their bodies.
  • [34:02] We shouldn't let people put labels on us as teens or college age girls. 
  • [36:44] We don't have to live in a storybook. An ordinary love is perfect and beautiful. 
  • [40:05] On the outside we age, but on the inside we feel kind of frozen in time.
  • [41:02] Lisa-Jo wants to give people new glasses and a new way to see their own lives.
  • [43:18] Lisa-Jo answers the rapid fire questions. She loves a South African restaurant called Spur and eats a mushroom burger. 
  • [45:03] Friendship is a safe place with grace and space.
  • [48:06] We need to say out loud that we are paying attention to what matters.

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