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Ordinary People. Ordinary Things. with Melissa Radke

May 29, 2019

Recently, my family of four went on the biggest adventure that we have ever been on. We filmed a television show. I know other families have done this. They've done it longer than us, and they've done it better than us. For us, this was a pretty big deal. From the moment the first crew member showed up at our home, we felt like we were embarking on a journey.

I couldn't imagine three other people who I'd rather be on this journey with than David, Remy, and Rocco. On day four, I heard them refer to us as the Core Four. It felt like the four of us were embarking on an adventure that very few people would ever go on. I don’t think I’ve ever felt closer to my Core Four than I did during that time. Today’s episode is all about the Core Four and our adventure.

Show Notes:

  • [05:10] Melissa starting doing videos about three or four years ago. We've had a ton of content. It's funny, relatable, and real. Then Melissa's book came out. A production company reached out to us about three years ago.
  • [06:35] They pitched to networks and USA was interested. This show came about because of all of the other stuff that Melissa was doing. We prayed about it and this was a door that stayed open.
  • [07:35] The producers loved Melissa's POV or point of view. It's one that people can identify with. We seemed relatable, because we are.
  • [10:11] David encouraged Melissa to do the videos and to reply to the emails from the production company.
  • [10:34] We said yes to the show, because they liked our point of view and then didn't want us to be any different than we are.
  • [11:13] The mantra for our family is to just go ahead and be courageous.
  • [12:03] We had a real positive feeling about opening things up for other people who feel the same way that we do. Plus, we have a great core four and extended family and friends.
  • [12:47] The Radkes premieres on June 4th on the USA Network on Tuesday nights 9:30 Central. The first three episodes will also be on Hulu, YouTube, and watchback. You'll also be able to find it on other streaming platforms that carry the USA Network.
  • [15:27] The first episode will be released commercial free tonight on Facebook, Instagram or IGTV, and YouTube.
  • [20:58] It's hard to launch a show even if you do have name recognition. The network is trying to get the word out, so please share and enjoy our show. If you want good family-friendly entertainment it's being provided for you.
  • [23:55] Our show is an unscripted family sitcom. There are real life family situations, but they are edited to be pretty fast-paced.
  • [25:28] Remy and Rocco share their opinion on what they think the rest of the family feels about the show.
  • [25:50] We also discuss the impact of the show on Lufkin. It looks great in the videos.
  • [30:08] Remy and Rocco share who their core four friends are, and they can't wait for the show to come out.
  • [31:25] Every Wednesday for the next six weeks we are going to release an after the show podcast.
  • [32:34] Record episodes or season pass and watch it live or the recording in the first three days to help with the ratings.
  • [33:14] For us, this isn't just about getting our name out there, we really want to provide some family entertainment where people can sit down and escape and just laugh.
  • [34:01] Melissa sometimes loses herself watching TV. She hopes people identify with this show and the core four, so that they feel less alone.

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