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Ordinary People. Ordinary Things. with Melissa Radke

May 7, 2019

Making friends isn’t always that easy. Especially, adult friendships. When you meet someone you click with, hang on to them. When I was on my book tour in Nashville, I met today’s guest. Annie F. Downs is a best-selling author, nationally known speaker, and podcast host based in Nashville. She is the host of the That Sounds Fun podcast and I was a guest on that show. Our conversation was like two girlfriends having a chat.

Today, we want you to be part of our conversation. We have fun as we catch up on our latest pop culture interests. We talk about how it’s good to open yourself up to people who have different opinions and not to be closed off about your beliefs. We talk about faith and communicating with God and understanding how to recognize those nudges. We mostly talk about life and friendship and invite you to go on the journey with us. I also send out an invitation to take the time to meet someone new or connect with an old friend.

Show Notes

  • [04:29] Annie goes by Annie F. Downs, because there's a famous Australian quilter named Annie Downs. She does have an interest in finding all of the other Annie Downs and maybe create a club or something.
  • [15:04] Annie and Melissa loves the same type of pop culture shows and have a great time talking about their favorite people to follow.
  • [15:13] Annie is following Chris Pratt. He is open about his beliefs. She's also following Dax Shepard and Debra Messing.
  • [19:35] Melissa knows a lot of the same people. She is hungry to expand her friendships and relationships.
  • [20:39] You get an upfront view of God pursuing people who aren't Christians.
  • [21:21] in your leisure time is great. Crocheting classes are a great place to meet people.
  • [22:08] Annie hopes she's not creating more Christian culture. She hopes she's helping people find a way to live where they know God and enjoy life.
  • [22:46] Melissa wanted to take people to Jesus not take them to church.
  • [23:02] There's a difference between loving the church and investing in the church and loving Christian culture.
  • [24:31] Annie wrestles with living within the church and yet not creating something that's unattractive to the non faithful.
  • [27:09] Annie loves faith.
  • [28:33] Annie hears way more people say that they are disappointed in God than people who are hurt by people in the church.
  • [28:46] This is where Annie's book Remember God comes from. We need to teach people to look for God in the midst of not having what they want.
  • [30:38] Let's All Be Brave stirred up a lot of emotions and pain in Annie. For her, the writing wasn't the hardest, it was the aftermath of the writing.
  • [32:25] Annie didn't give the readers a bow at the end. The whole theme of the book was God's kindness.
  • [35:34] If we had everything we wanted, we would still not be satisfied
  • [36:05] There's a difference between contentment and satisfaction.
  • [40:11] We need to be able to tell God the truth, even when we are angry.
  • [40:55] The more we wrestle with Him, he won't let go.
  • [42:04] Annie shares how she feels about God.
  • [43:31] How God shows up when Annie has her dark moments. Sometimes it's like a self-correction idea that comes to her.
  • [44:38] God in generous about making his presence known.
  • [45:34] Live by the nudge, and you feel it more and more.
  • [48:42] Melissa shares a story where she was nudged to give a watch to someone who liked it. God didn't want time to be an issue for her.
  • [50:37] Melissa believes that we do hear God, we don't always act on it, and we don't always believe it but we do hear it.
  • [51:21] Just two friends having an honest conversation.
  • [52:15] The three quick questions...
  • [58:04] Adult friendships are hard, if you've been thinking about calling someone and making a lunch date just do it.

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