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Ordinary People. Ordinary Things. with Melissa Radke

Sep 10, 2019

Anger, rage, and screaming were some of the things I dealt with when I was neck deep in depression. I should say, these are some of the things those around me dealt with. My depression comes out in waves of anger. Today's guest is Natalie Hixon who is a certified professional life coach. I am so excited to have her on the show today, because she specializes in helping women overcome destructive anger and burnout. 

The theme for season 2 was body, mind, and soul. I was upset because I didn't have a theme for season 3, but everything came together. Season 3 is really about cleaning out our hearts, homes, and souls. It's about ridding ourselves from junk and clutter that threaten our health and relationships. Burnout, self-destructive patterns, addiction, and anger will destroy who you are and what you're setting out to do. This is why I’m so honored to have Natilie on the show to share her story today.

Show Notes:

  • [03:39] Natalie lives in Montana. This is one of my bucket list states.
  • [04:58] Natalie married Mike, her high school sweetheart. They have three daughters ages 15, 12, and 8 years old. They love living in Montana. Natalie has been there her whole life.
  • [05:23] Natalie spends her days coaching moms who suffer with anger and burnout.
  • [06:29] Growing up, Natalie knew she was an angry person. When she first got married, she noticed she was screaming at Mike.
  • [07:13] She knew there was a problem when she was on the floor throwing tantrums with her two-year-old.
  • [08:51] After a couple of years, Natalie took her daughter to a therapist and discovered she was the one who had the real anger problems.
  • [09:39] When a child has an issue, it's often the mother who has things to work through.
  • [12:01] Natalie would scream at her kids, throw things, slam doors, squeeze arms, and spank. She would cry that she abused her kids with destructive anger. 
  • [14:59] Melissa doesn't struggle with this now, because her kids are older, and she has had a lot of counseling. 
  • [17:19] Natalie is opening group coaching, because so many people feel like they are alone. There is a multitude of women who are beside themselves.
  • [20:41] Natalie's journey started in the therapist's office. 
  • [23:13] Communicating how you are feeling helps your kids understand their feelings. 
  • [24:30] Anger is a natural human emotion. Destructive anger is what needs to be worked through.
  • [25:36] Slamming doors, screaming, hitting, throwing things, or causing any type of pain is destructive anger. 
  • [29:08] Gaining control of anger and restoring relationships in family is possible. 
  • [30:17] When Natalie would blow up in rage, she would ask for forgiveness. This is the recovery piece. 
  • [33:14] Open and honest communication is how we restore, heal, and grow.
  • [34:42] When mom's get angry, they can practice what they are learning and teach their kids how to get angry.
  • [35:58] It's not okay to deny destructive anger in your life. Reach out for help.
  • [37:31] Recognize how you feel after exploding. Create awareness. 
  • [40:03] Natalie loves pizza and rosé.
  • [40:39] Friendship means love, openness, and sisterhood.
  • [41:17] Her favorite movie is You've Got Mail. 
  • [42:04] I love women like Natalie who take their pain to change the world. I love the kind that bravely ask for help. 

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