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Ordinary People. Ordinary Things. with Melissa Radke

Sep 24, 2019

If you follow me on Facebook Live, you know that I have been teaching and gearing up for my course INK Replacing What Stained You With What Can Change You. I launched this course for the first time back in May of this year. Hundreds of people took the course and loved it and benefited from it. Women, we know that when we buy something we tell the truth. 

The feedback, reviews, and encouraging words that we received from INK only solidified that the course was God given and God inspired. The thing that most people want to know before they purchase anything is what will it be like. So today, we are doing something a little different and giving you a sneak peek. Each lesson in INK is in video and audio format. So, today's show is going to be the audio version of week one lesson one. 

Show Notes:

  • [07:24] I've always wanted David's name on my ring finger. 
  • [09:48] A couple of years ago, I made this video of me alone in this room. The video was about what happened to me the year I turned 41. The video was titled Eat Cake Be Brave. My editor ended up seeing this video and that's how I got signed for the book deal. 
  • [11:34] That night I said something that I had never heard before. I'll play this video now.
  • [12:43] Music is the first talent that I knew I had. I can write a little bit, but music is my talent. 
  • [13:51] My professor made glowing comments about my voice in music school. He then said I would never make it in the music business, because of the way that I look. 
  • [15:05] He tattooed words all over me. Words that stayed on my skin deep into my flesh for years. Then I decided to audition for Diva's Live.
  • [16:01] I got on stage, sang my song, and killed it. The producer then said, "to be on my show, you can sound like this, but if you look like this, it's not going to happen."
  • [16:58] At this point, I had a tattooed sleeve on my arm of words like embarrassing, ashamed, glutton, fool, ridiculous, dreamer, and a waste of time.  
  • [17:19] I'm just tired of being tattooed with words that aren't true.
  • [17:27] Last year, I saw an interview with Shonda Rhimes. She said she was sick of living in fear and wanted to step outside of her comfort zone. I too wanted my mojo back. 
  • [18:55] I drove to Houston and tried out for the voice. All it takes is one more try.
  • [19:50] I decided last year on my birthday that I would live the year of yes.
  • [20:10] I started a Facebook page and started to put up videos. 
  • [21:11] I referenced tattoos on this video and how we allow ourselves to be marked up by things that are said to us and done to us.
  • [23:29] Think about what may be marking you up that you may not even realize is there.
  • [28:20] People speak things over us from the moment we are born. 
  • [31:16] Hurt people, hurt people. If you were damaged with words, they were too. 
  • [35:58] Did the things stick with you? Chances are it did.
  • [37:18] How did we get here? Other people and secondly us.
  • [37:54] Don't beat yourself up, because you didn't know any better.
  • [40:12] You weren't prepared to replace a lie with the truth.
  • [41:09] Don't beat yourself up. Give yourself grace.
  • [45:45] Those words are what you did, not who you are.
  • [49:57] Taking someone else's baggage doesn't fit. Don't cover yourself in ill fitting truths.
  • [53:11] It's time to take the disguises off and remove what doesn't belong to you.
  • [53:41] In this course, we are going to erase, and we are going to replace.
  • [55:16] I'm constantly replacing old ink, and it just gets easier and easier.
  • [56:57] We are going to go deep and clean up those old wounds. We aren't doing it alone. I'm here for you, and God is right beside you.
  • [59:23] Each week comes with homework. There is more for you to do after the lesson. This week has four questions. It's important that we journal significant moments. 
  • [01:01:00] The cart for INK is only open until Wednesday October 2nd, 2019. You will get five more lessons like this one in audio, video, and transcripts, along with homework, and access to the Facebook community. I'll also be doing a five weekly Facebook Lives related to the material. The course belongs to you forever. There is also a 30-day money back guarantee. 

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