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Ordinary People. Ordinary Things. with Melissa Radke

Mar 10, 2020

Over the next two weeks, we will be talking to women who were suddenly faced with a decision. Maybe the decision came after years of being at a dead-end job, and they simply had had enough. Maybe, it came after a divorce. We will be talking to these women who found themselves having to make a choice about what will be next. What will they do? Will they live? Will they die? Will they get stuck? Will they continue waking up every day putting one foot in front of the other? There are some really powerful and relatable stories coming your way over the next couple of weeks.

Our Guest today had no idea what she was in for. Denise Walsh was a clinical psychologist at a local community health clinic for five years. Denise loves people and likes helping people. She soon realized that in that environment, it was more about the paperwork and the policies then it was about the people. Denise left there and now serves people in a way that she has always dreamed about. She encourages people to take action on their God-sized dreams. For me, this podcast turned into a therapy session. Denise is a business coach and has a heart for kicking your butt and helping you grow. She teaches the skills to design your dream life and knows we can truly thrive in all areas of our lives. 

Show Notes:

  • [03:35] Denise got her Masters in Clinical Psychology from Wheaton College. Throughout high school, she was a counselor at a youth group mission camp. 
  • [04:16] She then worked with foster kids in New York City. She fell in love with those kids. They were in and out of homes and certainly had traumatic experiences and didn't realize their own potential.
  • [05:04] She then got a job working in community health, and it turned out to be a burnout experience. She was overworked and underpaid. She worked with a population that didn't really want help. Her passion for her career and life was starting to fade.
  • [06:16] She knew she needed to find something different and became a distributor for a health and wellness company. Over the past 13 years, she has built a worldwide team and impacted people in a way that she never could at her previous job.
  • [08:08] She helps people figure out what they want and create an action plan to get it. We can't make a pivot if we're not clear about what we want.
  • [09:54] You can thrive in your family and in your business. You don't have to choose.
  • [10:19] Sometimes we get intimidated by God-sized goals and self-sabotage ourselves.
  • [12:37] It's that one step in front of the other that leads to the next step. When we take steps the next one comes.
  • [14:37] When you tap into your passion and excitement, it's natural for you. You'll find the energy and the courage to take the next step.
  • [15:56] Get clear on what you want in the seven areas of life which are family, friendship, finances, health, hobbies, business, and giving back. Write where you are now and then imagine what it would be like if it were a 10.
  • [17:13] Once you know your priorities, you can actually go out and do them. Put it on your calendar.
  • [19:33] Find the goal you want to make happen and rearrange your schedule to do so. Know what you're going to do every day.
  • [21:21] Be intentional with your time and ask for help. It's okay to say no to things.
  • [24:45] Setting your internal GPS is deciding what goal is next for you and speaking life into it. Talk about it in a way that it is happening.
  • [26:01] Melissa wants to find the time to work on her next book. Denise helps her work through setting her internal GPS. 
  • [28:18] Watch out for limiting beliefs and self-sabotage.
  • [30:53] Melissa wants to live in a way where she has things to offer the world. She doesn't want to just drift. She wants to have a plan.
  • [31:45] Denise shares a couple of inspirational stories of people that she has coached. 
  • [35:34] Be intentional with the gifts that God has given you and say yes to that spark everyday.
  • [36:52] Denise also has a workbook that will help you really dig deep.
  • [39:30] Your kids can learn from you that they can love life and reach their goals.
  • [40:36] Denise tackles the lightning round questions. 

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