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Ordinary People. Ordinary Things. with Melissa Radke

Sep 17, 2019

Lindsay Teague Moreno is an author, speaker, mom, and entrepreneur. She calls herself a momtrepreneur. She is the author of Getting Noticed and her new book Boss Up. She is also the host of the Boss Up podcast. Boss Up is all about helping women think big, dream big, and put their businesses on the map. 

In this episode, Lindsay shares her story and how she felt like she wanted more after having twins and becoming a mother. She had guilt about these feelings, until she discovered that she had a whole tribe that felt the same way. She has since become a multimillion-dollar-producing business owner and wants to help other women do the same. I just love her, and you will love this episode. 

Show Notes:

  • [05:46] Lindsay loves women between the ages of 30 and 40 who have young kids and are living in the trenches and have a desire for more.
  • [06:03] There are a lot of moms who love nothing more than being a mom. Lindsay thought that would be her when she had twins. 
  • [06:22] She realized that she loved the babies more than anything else, but being a mother wasn't her purpose.
  • [07:40] Living your own purpose and doing something that has meaning for you is the best example to set for your kids.
  • [07:54] It's Lindsay's why to help live their purpose now instead of waiting until their kids go off to college. 
  • [08:08] By putting all of your time, energy, and focus into your kids you lose who you are and then the kids leave.
  • [11:57] Lindsay preaches authenticity and letting it all out. 
  • [12:32] She teaches women how to stand up and be confident even when things go wrong.
  • [13:36] Fear holds many back. People doing it and people wanting to do it are both Lindsay's tribe. She wants to help people want it at any cost.
  • [16:16] Selling yourself is difficult.
  • [16:30] Lindsay looks for business opportunities everywhere. She presents what she has, and people can take it or leave it.
  • [18:48] She wanted to change the MLM game. She teaches what happens in real business. She teaches people to create businesses that are best for them. 
  • [21:49] Lindsay decided to use social media to build her business. Spend time advertising who you are, what you do, and what you love than the product that you sell. 
  • [23:26] Have five posts about you and one about your product.
  • [24:36] Lindsay wants to help people create a brand that is authentic to them not authentic to her. She helps people define their story.
  • [25:31] She has created new businesses with the income from her first business. She uses the Boss Up blueprint to create her businesses. 
  • [26:27] Boss Up is designed to be a short cut to help women create the businesses they love. 
  • [26:42] She has a print shop and an event planning business. Lindsay can't help herself when she sees a need. 
  • [34:08] If you follow the books and processes in Lindsay's book, you get to decide ahead of time what you will say yes to and what you will say no to. That's called Bossing Up.
  • [35:33] Lindsay talks about how it's important to be clear about what you want.
  • [36:16] Sit down and think as big as you can. What do you want in all aspects of your life? Think really big. Become so connected that you think about them everyday. You can get there if you think big enough. Keep your eyes set on the end goal. 
  • [37:44] If you set your goals at a place of high energy, you will stop at nothing to get them. 
  • [40:03] Lindsay loves Chick-fil-A. 
  • [41:30] Friendship is a commitment to be in someone's life no matter what.  Friendship is I like you, and you like me.
  • [44:06] Lindsay shares who she would want to play her in a movie. 

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