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Ordinary People. Ordinary Things. with Melissa Radke

Jun 26, 2019

We are talking about everything that happened in episode 4 of this week's episode titled Tell It To The Judge. This episode centered around my ability to judge hush puppies. Don't be jealous, because this is a God-given gift. It's also about mine and David's inability to have a regular date night. We've tried, but it can't be done.

It's only possible to have a regular date night if you don't have kids, pets, or bills. I don't know how people make a regular Tuesday night date night work. We're going to be talking about this and also how to keep that dating spark alive when you've run out of everything to do in your town.

Show Notes

  • [02:19] Today's guest is David Radke.
  • [03:20] Melissa loves this episode. It made Lufkin look really good.
  • [04:00] There are a lot of people who don't enjoy living in Lufkin, Dallas, or anywhere else for that matter.
  • [05:30] There are a lot of things to do in Lufkin. There are a lot of organizations to be a part of. For the size of our town, the amount we give to charity is really outstanding.
  • [07:04] Melissa talks about how you can drive through Lufkin and you know everybody. Plus, they're memories everywhere.
  • [09:44] Lufkin can raise your kids, treat you well, and give back to the community.
  • [10:08] We have the Forest Festival at the Expo Center. Every year they have the hush puppy competition.
  • [11:45] Melissa wrote a Facebook Manifesto 3 or 4 years ago about how no one would choose her to be a hush puppy festival judge. 
  • [12:02] She was finally asked while they were filming the show. 
  • [12:58] Hush puppies are tied to fried things. David heard that when people were frying things, they would throw a little batter into the oil and then give it to the dog or use it to hush the puppy. 
  • [14:15] Hush puppies are made with cornmeal and other fancy ingredients for the contest. 
  • [16:35] There was also some bribery on the show.
  • [17:41] I ate so many different has puppies that the recipes all kind of run together, but I'm going to find the winning recipe and publish it here.
  • [18:21] Aunt Melba's hush puppy recipe may be the original colonial recipe. 
  • [22:10] Date nights. Do we still need them? 
  • [23:01] A classic Annette was that she didn't see the text asking here to sit with the kids.
  • [23:44] David shared a date that Melissa wasn't on.
  • [26:19] A date is an evening. It's an event. David took Melissa to the airport and flew her to Washington for an Amy Grant concert. They had backstage passes. It was a night she will never forget. 
  • [28:41] It's really nice when your spouse or partner makes an effort and tries to create an evening that is different. 
  • [28:55] Melissa and Sinbad had a conversation when they went to see him. 
  • [30:20] For David, it's just spending time together and finding a mutual love of each other's interests.
  • [31:08] Don't live in a comparison trap for your dating life. 
  • [31:39] 2 a.m. patty melts at the Waffle House have been some of David and Melissa's best states.
  • [32:01]  Some of Melissa's favorite dates have been driving in the truck and going to Sonic and just looking at land that they might want to buy some day.
  • [32:39] You need to make a commitment to have one-on-one time. Family dates are good too. The biggest thing is the time you spend together.
  • [34:27] One of the reasons I think our show is taking off is because it's relatable. We live and work in a small town and drive a car that desperately needs to be updated.
  • [35:07] Our show tells the story of life really well.

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