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Ordinary People. Ordinary Things. with Melissa Radke

Jun 12, 2019

Welcome to After the Show of The Radkes. If you are looking for an explanation for episode 2 Mommy Issues, you have probably guessed by now that there is no explanation. Just like there isn't an explanation for anything else we do on the show. It's really just our lives, our family, and the lovely town of Lufkin, TX.

This week we faced a problem that is rampant among families everywhere, and that is mothers. Either you are one or you got one. That's the thing about mothers. You get messed up by one, then you turn around and mess somebody else up. It's really just a vicious cycle. No one parents with perfection.

This episode brought out some emotion in me. Talk about my daughter and I cry. Talk about my mother and I cry. Hopefully, you will be entertained by the family dynamic of three generations and feel the love that we share for each other.

Show Notes:

  • [03:21] Melissa, David, Remi, and Melissa's Mother Annette are here to talk about the show.
  • [04:15] Melissa is always wanting Remi to be more girly.
  • [05:08] Growing up, Melissa was over the top girly according to Annette.
  • [08:31] Remi asked Melissa to be her soccer goalie, and she did better than Remi thought she would.
  • [09:53] Melissa played softball and basketball growing up. Sports weren't really her thing, but she was always up for a good costume and a photo.
  • [13:08] This episode encapsulated Melissa and Annette's relationship perfectly. They are the yin and Yang or the Dorothy and the Sofia of the Golden Girls.
  • [13:19] We forgive each other quite often and love each other a lot.
  • [14:24] We ended up singing together in the show, but Melissa's beef was that Annette didn't ask her before signing her up.
  • [17:28] The Dixie Chunks. Annette, Melissa, Aunt Melba, and Meredith were singing and wanted to come up with a name. Melissa's Dad suggested the Dixie Chunks, and they fell over laughing, but the name stuck.
  • [23:39] This was a cute real to life episode balancing the way Melissa s' mother raised her and how Melissa is raising Remi.
  • [25:09] Melissa had a pony that would roll over when Melissa got on him.
  • [26:21] David and Melissa are Mitch and Cam from Modern Family, and Melissa looked like Cam with a helmet.
  • [28:54] Annette, Melissa, and Remi love and adore each other, no matter what. Share this episode with your mother.
  • [30:15] Be sure to watch the show and subscribe and listen to us talk about After the Show.

Thanks for joining us on Ordinary People Ordinary Things. Be sure to subscribe to our podcast on iTunes and leave a nice review. Just like your mother taught you.

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