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Ordinary People. Ordinary Things. with Melissa Radke

Jun 18, 2019

This week's episode of the Radke's entitled Driving Me Crazy is simply about the things we hide. I really did let my license expire, and I hid it from David Radke for over a year. Why? Because I knew he would do what he did and get all Law and Order on me. So, I had to put it off as long as I did.

Sometimes, I may also hide beauty products from David Radke. We are getting older, but men don't get it. David and I talk about my beauty product purchases, and it’s all in good fun. You’ll have to listen to the end to see if any compromises were made. My good friend Jen who was driving the McLaren last night, stops by and we talk about cars, friendship, our text group, the show, how much fun we had at the grocery store, and our mutual love of Lufkin, Texas.

Show Notes:

  • [02:04] David got the mail on the day the notice about my license showed up.
  • [03:20] David would prefer that Melissa had a valid license and drove well.
  • [04:16] In high school, Melissa was voted worst driver two years in a row.
  • [05:12] Some of the things that Melissa has hit include a horse, a dog, a TV, two mailboxes, a stop sign, and a truckload of migrant workers.
  • [06:48] The episode was also about Melissa buying beauty products.
  • [07:26] The root issue is David keeping Melissa on a budget.
  • [09:17] David is aging gracefully. He gets better with age.
  • [11:33] Melissa wants to age gracefully. David likes the finished product. He just wants her to tone down the products.
  • [13:54] Melissa's friend Jennifer who was on last nights show is here.
  • [14:52] Jen has a lot of money, but she doesn't like to show it off, so she drives a McLaren.
  • [15:33] Jen's husband doesn't let Melissa park Big Darla in their parking area on the stone pavers, because she leaks.
  • [16:43] Melissa and Jen met when their daughters were in preschool. Jen admired Melissa's parking skills.
  • [17:54] Jen moved Melissa's car when she left it running with the keys in it.
  • [18:39] That was how they became friends, but Melissa may have been mad for a couple of days.
  • [20:33] Jen's husband is mature. They have zero problem with it.
  • [21:52] People who watch Bravo and E have been seeing episodes of The Radkes.
  • [24:17] The day at the grocery store is what we truly due.
  • [26:09] Getting cash back on the register is a great tip.
  • [27:12] Jen's background is different than her real life, but she is the every ordinary girl.
  • [28:21] Too dumb for New York too ugly for LA. Killing it in Lufkin everyday.
  • [29:14] Jen loves the small town feel of Lufkin. If you break down, you will get help. When we were at the store, we saw friends all over.
  • [30:43] Jen tells a story where she accidentally referred to Aunt Melba as Grandma.
  • [31:50] Jen is an everygirl who can afford to pay the check.
  • [32:24] We have a group text called Botox, Weaves, and Silicone.
  • [33:59] Because I want to stay married, I have promised too cut down a bit on my purchases.

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