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Ordinary People. Ordinary Things. with Melissa Radke

Jun 5, 2019

Our new show The Radkes is now airing on the USA Network. This is an unscripted show about our family. Real people experiencing real everyday life. The show, is just like the podcast, which is just like our real lives. For the next few episodes while our show is airing, we’ll be doing a series of podcasts about the previous night’s show.

Episode 1 is called Melissa Explains It All, and it’s all about me trying to have “the talk” about sex with my daughter Remy. I did what I could and then deferred to my Aunt Melba who has become a social media and Radkes star in her own right. On this podcast, I have the Attorney General David Radke, and two special guests. My daughter Remy Hope Radke and my Aunt Melba.

If you haven’t seen the first Network Episode of The Radkes, it might be fun to watch it before listening to this podcast. If you listen to the podcast first, don’t worry, the show isn’t as embarrassing as it sounds. It’s really just ordinary people living their lives and doing what other ordinary people do. We hope we make you laugh, smile, and find something to relate to.

Show Notes

  • [04:32] In this episode, Melba is so free with her language on all things sex.
  • [05:07] Aunt Melba isn't married. She was married happily for many many years to her high school sweetheart.
  • [05:45] She still wears her wedding ring, so men won't ask her out.
  • [07:03] Aunt Melba loved her husband, and she loves sex, and she thinks it's from God
  • [08:03] Remy's status is single and looking to mingle. She's not ready for relationships, but she's ready to know about relationships.
  • [09:53] The episode is really just about what's going on in our lives at the time.
  • [10:01] It begins with David sending me explicit text messages with eggplants and question marks.
  • [11:31] We never know what's going to come out of Remy's mouth. The show isn't scripted.
  • [15:14] Melba had an emoji run in on her cell phone. People kept sending her <3 which is supposed to be a heart.
  • [17:02] Melissa's Mom didn't talk to her about sex. Her mother did give her a book about sex and then never followed up.
  • [18:09] The show is supposed to be fun and lighthearted and make everybody laugh. Coming of age is a very real thing. Most of us come from generations where sex wasn't talked about a lot. David feels the open dialogue is a good thing.
  • [18:57] Aunt Melba's Mom (Granny) sent her to the pastor and his wife for premarital counseling. They gave her a book to read.
  • [20:47] If the parents don't leave things open for discussion, it makes the kids more curious to find out about things.
  • [22:58] There is nothing scripted on our show.
  • [23:22] Aunt Melba shares her view on cucumbers.
  • [24:38] Remy is totally cool with the previous episode, she has just grown a lot.
  • [25:58] We can't thank Melba enough for being on our very first show.
  • [27:07] Everybody can identify with somebody on the show. Remy was a real trooper to be a part of the show.
  • [28:21] The goal is to find joy in the ordinary. I hope that is what the Radkes help you do.
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