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Ordinary People. Ordinary Things. with Melissa Radke

Feb 12, 2019

How can we dedicate this season to the body and not talk about working out? You know me. You know I don't want to talk about this, but today is the day. The one and only Casey Adams is here today. Casey is the perfect guest for this show, because he takes ordinary people and moves them out of their comfort zone and into great held.

Casey is a gym owner, personal trainer, and future Ninja. He is a father of three and husband to a beautiful wife, and they share a strong love for Jesus. He is an adventure seeking, fun loving, and funny guy. He is also fond of his large, crazy sock collection.

You can find Casey here:

Casey Adams on Instagram
Fitt Life on Facebook
Fitt Life Gym
3116 S. John Redditt Dr.
Lufkin TX 75904

Show Notes

  • [03:17] David Radke is also here with Casey.
  • [04:20] Melissa and her cousin were both in one of Casey's spin classes.
  • [06:16] David met Casey when he used to work out regularly.
  • [07:26] Casey's gym is split into three sections.Upfront they have cardio and weights with a kids section on the side. In the middle, they have an American Ninja Warrior ninja gym. In the back, there is a Kids Zone and dedicated party room with an obstacle course in back.
  • [12:13] Done properly, you can make an elliptical a great workout. Casey can't promise it will be fun, but if you're successful at this you will be successful at other things.
  • [14:35] David has always been a fan of working out by himself. He's never been to a class.
    [15:04] Some people work better one-on-one and some people like the motivation of a group.
    [19:11] You can get Casey's Hitt Treadmill Workout book by contacting him on Facebook.
    [19:38] He wrote this book, because his clients were always asking him for workouts.
  • [20:11] There is also a hitt book in the works.
  • [23:03] Some of the exercises in the book just require a person, a treadmill, and the ground.
  • [25:39] Start walking a couple miles every day and work on your diet and work on yourself.
  • [26:30] Gauge your soreness and listen to your body. You want to feel it, but you don't want to eat.
  • [27:40] David talks about how it's important to actually get something accomplished not to set giant goals that you'll never get done.
  • [28:21] Goals need to be realistic and attainable.
  • [28:56] It's more important than ever to have a plan.
  • [29:46] We are all a work in progress and that's where the Mind, Body, and Soul come in.
  • [30:23] The workouts in the hitt book can be done every day, because they change body parts.
  • [31:22] Daisy Fuentes was the most beautiful woman to Melissa when she was in high school.
  • [32:14] Melissa wants to feel better. The best way to start is to ease yourself in and come up with a game plan.
  • [33:07] Starting consists of taking that first step.
  • [35:13] Working out is a choice that you aren't just doing for yourself. It's also for your family.
  • [36:30] When Casey was younger, he had some bad lifestyle choices. Then one of his friend's father passed away, and he decided to get fit and started running.
  • [38:04] Eat better and do some form of exercise, and you will feel better.
  • [39:09] Doing small incremental things each day is the key.
  • [40:42] Melissa is going to be brave and work out this year.
  • [43:08] God has changed Casey's life, and now Casey is changing other people's lives.
  • [43:39] When he started, he knew that God would provide.
  • [46:28] The three last questions.

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