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Ordinary People. Ordinary Things. with Melissa Radke

May 15, 2018

Our hair is one of the first things people notice about us. It frames our face, maybe even our identity. A good hair day versus a bad hair day can affect our self-esteem and our mood. Maybe this is something I always innately knew, because even as a child I was obsessed with hair, hair styles, and magazines about hair styles. Today, we are talking about everything having to do with hair. 

Rob Fisher is a stylist at Bella Salon in Lufkin, TX. Rob is the stylist who did my hair for my book cover, and he does amazingly beautiful hair. I wanted to talk to Rob today, because he is brutally honest when it comes to hair. We aren’t pulling any punches on this episode of straight talk about hair, coloring, and styles.  

You can find Rob Fisher here: 

Hair and Makeup Artistry by Rob Fisher on Facebook 
Hair by Rob Fisher on Instagram 
Get an appointment with Rob Fisher 
Bella Salon Lufkin, TX 

Show Notes 

  • [03:38]  Rob is actually not my stylist. He just did my hair for my book cover. He is a good friend, though. 
  • [03:51] The only reason Rob is not my stylist is because I'm loyal to my current stylist. 
  • [04:28] Rob did my hair for the book cover because he is all about the show hair. 
  • [05:25] Melissa gets her hair done every three weeks. Now the gray is coming in. 
  • [05:56] Today, we are talking summer hair don't care. 
  • [06:13] In the summer, people are looking for a change. They want to be brightened up. They want some fun. 
  • [07:28] How it's so much better to find a hairstyle that fits the individual as opposed to trying to match a picture. 
  • [08:08] Melissa likes the Adele celebrity haircuts. 
  • [09:01] The hottest new colors for spring and summer. Balayage is freehand painting. It can be done with any color. This is the most popular thing going on now.  
  • [09:46] The difference between ombre and balayage.  
  • [10:12] The silver gray hair trend is gone. 
  • [11:09] Balayage is good for anyone, because you'll have a little bit of your natural root showing, and it is easy maintenance.  
  • [12:44] At what age should women stop the multicolor hair painting? It's bold and fun, but not pretty. 
  • [14:20] Should Melissa spray her hair pink? Rob is doing a lot of lavender and pink on the roots. 
  • [17:14] Discussing bangs thoroughly. Botox over bangs. Bangs can't be used to hide forehead wrinkles. Melissa has bangs because they looked adorable on Jennifer Garner.  
  • [20:37] Melissa's friend Janet has beautiful hair. 
  • [20:51] Melissa is bringing bangs back. 
  • [21:39] Banks can be a pain if you don't have perfectly straight hair. Look back at pictures and decide if you actually like having bangs or not. 
  • [22:29] Rob tells a funny story where a lady with beautiful hair wanted a mullet. 
  • [23:56] Melissa asks for a body wave every year, and her hair stylist won't do it. 
  • [26:46] Put your thumb over the face and tell me what you like about the hair. Usually, it's not about the hair it is about the person's face. 
  • [27:50] Rob does not like scrunchies. 
  • [29:31] Hairstyle with short hair flipping in the back with lots of different layers. 
  • [30:22] In Texas people have big hair. 
  • [30:47] An easy overall flattering look depends on the person themselves. Rob likes medium length hair.  
  • [33:05] As people get older their face elongates. Long hair can make your face look more drawn down. That's when you would cut your hair short. 
  • [33:55] Some of Rob's favorite products and brands. Rob is an Aveda only stylist. Before Aveda he was a Paul Mitchell stylist. Melissa loves Kenra and Drybar Texas T and Southern Belle. Be.  
  • [36:22] Rob loves Bed Head products. 
  • [37:29] Save a few washes and try some dry shampoo. Aveda dry shampoo is not aerosol. Rob went 12 days without washing his hair by using dry shampoo.  
  • [39:45] Lighten round questions for Rob. 
  • [40:24] What is customary for tips. 22% There really isn't a correct amount, but it is always appreciated.  

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