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Ordinary People. Ordinary Things. with Melissa Radke

Jan 7, 2020

  • I've had several guests come on the show, and they all want to talk about decluttering. Some want to declutter our schedules and some want to declutter our kitchen cabinets, but they all say to declutter our lives is to declutter our souls. Today's guest is knowledgeable, funny, charming, and she is an expert at getting rid of clutter. I know I’ll learn a thing or two from her and so will you.
  • Allie Casazza is the host of The Purpose Show - a top-rated podcast - and the creator of online courses that have earned her international attention for her fresh, practical lifestyle strategies for moms. Known as 'The Life Minimalist', she encourages and inspires women to pursue abundant life by creating space for what matters most. Allie and her husband, Brian, live with their four young children in Southern California wine country.
  • Her signature course, Your Uncluttered Home, is available for $100 off (normally $297) for a limited time only. She's running this sale in coordination with her annual free challenge called Declutter Like A Mother. This price will be available through January 15th at midnight PST. 
  • Show Notes:
  • [03:06] Allie serves women and mothers who feel overwhelmed with life and schedule. She loves helping them find routines that are light and bright and serve their lifestyles. [04:02] Allie has four children and lives in Southern California.
  • [04:26] Most people who have something to offer the world find it was born out of going through a really hard time in life. That's what happened to Allie.
  • [04:37] She was depressed and overwhelmed with her role as a mother and wife.
  • [06:10] She was overwhelmed and wasn't happy with the way she was showing up and living her life with her family.
  • [09:14] Allie knew she needed to fix the source, but she was so desperate that she almost went and got medication.
  • [09:35] She decided to get rid of everything that wasn't used or loved. It took a few months to get rid of the clutter, but her health felt different after the first day.
  • [10:48] Having what needs to be and nothing extra enables her to travel and run a business and do all the things that she does.
  • [11:10] Allie teaches online classes. She shared her journey on her blog. People were sharing her great ideas. 
  • [12:05] She wrote an ebook, but realized online courses were a better format. She is good at marketing and loves working from home and helping other women.
  • [14:02] Melissa is a mom who gets overwhelmed easily. She admires Allies organizational skills and entrepreneurial ability.
  • [15:51] It all starts at home. We can only do one thing at a time. The physical act of decluttering and letting go of weight in your physical space will make you feel better. 
  • [18:25] If you have a beautiful room you want to spend time in, you are more likely to pray or meditate or spend time with God.
  • [19:03] Any habit you want to change begins with your environment. Decluttering is a physical act that can make your life better.
  • [20:21] You become a better person by creating spaces that you enjoy.
  • [22:24] Allie just started blogging for herself and now she has a huge following.
  • [28:18] Allie has big plans. Her revenue comes from courses about getting your life together at home. When you trip over a secret and have the audacity to share it money follows.
  • [30:12] Once Allie's business started taking off, minimalism became a trend. She was worried that she wasn't famous or fast enough. 
  • [30:38] Even though, there are multiple teachers in this niche, they do not have Allie's voice and Allie's legacy.
  • [33:12] In Allie's business, she is working on simplifying and only doing things that move the needle forward.
  • [33:49] She wants to show up in a way that brings impact, revenue, and change. She is also coaching, and she has some new courses coming out including a simplifying homeschooling course.
  • [34:47] This season is about taking out the unnecessary and focusing on the goal.
  • [35:04] Allies husband quit his job and is helping out with the business. 
  • [36:22] Allie loves going to fancy dinners. She gets a skinny margarita and a giant burger at her favorite local place. 
  • [37:36] Friendship is having the ability to connect, share, and be together without the burden of expectations.
  • [39:06] Elizabeth Olsen or Anne Hathaway would play her in a movie. 
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