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Ordinary People. Ordinary Things. with Melissa Radke

Apr 16, 2019

It’s time for the third part to the body, mind, and soul series. I kicked off this season working on my body. I’ve even lost 25 pounds. It’s not a fast pace, but I’m keeping at it. In the second section of the podcast it was all about the MIND. This was received really well. I wage a war with my mind every single day of my life. I've done a lot of prayer, listening, and counseling, so that I run my MIND now.

Sometimes people don’t like to talk about the soul, but the mind, body, and soul are all interconnected. We can’t improve one without improving the other. God made us with this body, soul, mind combination. To have one is to have them all. Maybe people shy away from talking about the soul, because they don’t want to talk about God. Maybe spirituality is too controversial. On this episode, I share some of the investigative work that I have put into the soul as we kick off this new part of the series.

Show Notes

  • [05:43] Some people believe in a trichotomous view. Which means we are made up of three parts body, mind, and soul. Others have a dichotomous view with only two parts meaning the inward and outward.
  • [06:50] Our soul is the spiritual part of our being. Inside of us there is Zoe. This is referring with the union we have with God.
  • [08:11] Our souls come from God. Maybe the issue no one wants to talk about is God.
  • [09:49] It doesn't make sense to not spend time on the thing that spiritually means life or death.
  • [10:00] Today, I'm going to share some investigative work I've been doing on the soul.
  • [10:27] You plus your money plus your job plus your status plus your friends plus the car you drive plus the private school your kids attend equal nothing.
  • [11:00] Y O U you equal everything.
  • [11:12] You are your soul, and your soul is you. The soul is about the slow unglamorous building of character.
  • [13:29] We are in a barren land when it comes to matters of the soul.
  • [14:29] Determine which of the three types of souls that you are.
  • [14:39] The hardened soul. Holding unforgiveness.
  • [15:08] The shallow soul. The time is about me.
  • [15:45] The cluttered soul. Too busy.
  • [16:18] Whatever you do is going to be out of your soul.
  • [16:59] Every good thing that flows into our life and every good thing that flows out of our life is directly related to our soul.
  • [17:34] Sin can wear the soul down and break it apart. It destroys every good thing about us.
  • [18:04] If you feel broken or lost, look at how you are living.
  • [18:36] We all long to have wounds healed.
  • [18:56] Spend the time and do the work to fix it. No matter how you have to, fix it.
  • [19:53] I want God's will to be fulfilled through my lifetime no matter how that may look.
  • [21:49] Our soul resides in each of us and determines our lives and our future.

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