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Ordinary People. Ordinary Things. with Melissa Radke

Jul 24, 2018

We are on the book tour. Today, we are broadcasting from the road as we hit San Antonio and try to find a nice lunch spot. So far, we have been to Houston, Dallas, and New York. For this episode, we have decided to record each time we are in the car. So, we are taking you on the road with us. If you ever wanted to be in the car with David and Melissa, this is your chance.

We talk about how nice Megan was and that there was a big announcement at the end of the segment. We discuss bringing and not bringing our kids on the road trip. We talk about having a meet and greet with Melissa’s social squad of sisters, some favorite and not so favorite comments about the book, feeling tired and emotional after the book signing, and more. I hope you enjoy this ride with us.

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Show Notes

  • [02:33] How we get along great in the car, and sometimes we don't  
  • [03:00] We were exhausted last night when we got to San Antonio. We slept in and woke up just in time for Melissa to be on the Megan Kelly Show.
  • [03:14] Megan said that David was handsome.
  • [03:56] The interview with Megan went well.
  • [04:17] There was also an exclusive announcement.
  • [04:29] Remi has been getting fan mail and gift cards and even a ring.
  • [04:52] Rocco is depressed about it, and plans on being on the show.  
  • [06:46] Road Trippin part 2. We are going to the Cheesecake Factory to meet up with my squad of women.  
  • [08:07] We got into a misunderstanding about being on the phone while at a restaurant.
  • [11:06] We were going to enjoy this trip as a family with the kids, but after three stops we realized the kids would have more fun at their grandparents house.
  • [12:12] We are heading to a meet and greet with my squad sisters. I spent half my life trying to make it onto the squad, then I started my own squad.
  • [13:26] I get the most nervous or excited to go meet my squad. This is my VIP meet and greet with my social squad sisters.
  • [14:18] Melissa's favorite comment people have said about the book is when they say that reading the book just felt like sitting down and having a conversation with her.
  • [14:49] This is what Melissa wants the most, other than for people's lives to be changed.
  • [15:11] Melissa's least favorite comment about the book.
  • [16:54] A funny comment during 30 Days of Facebook Live.
  • [18:04] We just finished up the book signing. It was tiring, but awesome. Now it is time to find a place to get dinner.
  • [19:42] Some women were there because they saw Melissa on TV or read an article about her.
  • [20:24] Why Melissa started crying tonight when a beautiful woman showed up and said she got dressed up for Melissa, because it was like her girlfriend was coming to town.
  • [24:04] A little inside look into our car conversation. Good, bad or otherwise. Along, with trying to find a playlist.
  • [26:57] Pulling into Starbucks before Melissa's next interview.
  • [29:03] The fact that David and I are still married after being on the road for seven days straight.
  • [29:37] Miracles are all around us.

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