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Ordinary People. Ordinary Things. with Melissa Radke

Jan 29, 2019

Sometimes when we see a funny video that makes us laugh, we don't bother to take into account that there is a real person behind that video. When we read a book, sometimes we forget that a real person poured their heart and soul into that book.

Some people think that I am in the business of social media, or a speaker, or an author. I am really in the business of people. The business of hearing their stories and telling my story. I am in the business of convincing people that their story is powerful and purposeful.

My guest today has a powerful story. CA Miljavac is someone who I discovered by watching one of her hilarious videos. I then got to know her and realized that there is so much more to her than her fun videos. I learned that CA stands for Carol Ann and that her story doesn’t match her videos.

You can find CA here:

CA Miljavac
CA Miljavac on Facebook
CA Miljavac on Instagram
Odd(ly) Enough: Standing Out When the World Begs You To Fit In
CA’s Initial Viral Video
How have I been cleaning all day and NOTHING is done?

Show Notes

  • [02:52] My friend CA Miljavac is here today. CA's story doesn't match her videos.
  • [03:08] Her videos are fun. Her stories not so much.
  • [03:30] In her first book, CA shares how her childhood, her loss, and her grief shaped who she is today.
  • [04:25] People have finally gotten tired of how fake social media can be. Realness is now more popular.
  • [05:58] When CA made her video dancing to Salt N Pepa, she had no idea it was going to go viral. She built a social media following by accident.
  • [07:19] A year prior to this, CA had made a decision to give her life back to God. She had been devastated by the loss of her niece to cancer.
  • [07:48] CA has had several viral videos since the first one. Her favorite video is her house cleaning video.
  • [09:14] CA grew up in a tiny town called Jasper, Alabama. She grew up in a trailer on the wrong side of the tracks and humor was all she really had.
  • [10:07] Her mom was a single mom raising three kids. Her dad was an alcoholic who left when she was 2 years old.
  • [10:21] They started going to church when she was 8 years old. She had already been through so much including being molested.
  • [10:44] She was rebellious and resentful by this time.
  • [11:30] Going to church also made her mom become really strict.
  • [11:54] CA thought it was important that she put everything out there.
  • [12:39] CA could also relate to some of Melissa's experiences when she read her book.
  • [13:50] Some people can get defensive with forgiveness when you are taking away their hate and anger.
  • [14:37] CA what is a Beachbody Coach.
  • [14:53] She thought her social platform was health and fitness, but it turned out it was really about her story.
  • [17:58] CA started each chapter of her book with a story from her childhood.
  • [18:08] She went swimming and jumped into the deep end when she knew she couldn't swim. As a child, being molested made her feel like she was dirty.
  • [18:37] She would entertain people by being silly. It was a distraction for her.
  • [19:06] If someone gets to know you too well, they might discover the monsters you have in your closet.
  • [19:27] The centerpiece of CA's book was about her niece's battle and ultimate loss from cancer.
  • [19:39] This completely changed everything for her. If CA would not have been so incredibly broken, she never would have allowed got in the way that she did.
  • [20:06] She was 8 months pregnant, and she went to St Jude to visit her sister and her niece.
  • [20:28] When she got home all of her feelings and emotions hit her.
  • [20:41] She has her best thoughts and prayers and conversations with God in her car in the garage. She was bawling her eyes out and praying. Suddenly, the car was filled with love and peace.
  • [20:56] It dawned on her in that moment that she was loved and that her niece was loved.
  • [21:39] The things that made her feel like an outsider were actually the things she needed to be the person that she is and fulfill her calling.
  • [23:21] Our scars tell a story.
  • [23:47] CA has taken her scars and turned them into a powerful word for women.
  • [25:31] CA wanted her book to be a book that had the potential to truly change someone's future going forward.
  • [26:37] CA's book is titled Odd(ly) Enough. This book didn't come from her, it came from God. She was just the messenger.
  • [27:56] CA hopes that women walk away from her book with an understanding of who they truly are and how their trials and tribulations have given them character and shaped who they are. God will use all of these bad things for your good.
  • [29:20] CA is learning to ask for help when she needs it, set boundaries, and believe that she can do what God says she can do.
  • [30:22] The enemy can't read our minds.
  • [32:26] Thinking outside of the box with the lightning round.
  • [32:41] CA loves her sister.
  • [33:00] She is currently binging on baking shows.
  • [33:36] She doesn't understand why ramen noodles taste so good.

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