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Ordinary People. Ordinary Things. with Melissa Radke

Mar 12, 2019

We miss so many good opportunities, because we won't walk across the room. I was at the same conference as Nicole, and I asked what brought her here. She said that she's a mom of four and two of her children are almost grown and two of her children are still at home, and she has been looking at her life and thinking what's next. Do you ever wonder what's next for you? Are you ever looking for something more?

Nicole Botha is excited by travel. She is an experience seeker. She loves yarn and is intrigued by diversity. She finds authenticity stimulating and suburbia frustrating. She is a feeler and an introvert. She is moved by heart connections, and she thinks kindness is sexy. She is here to today to discuss what it means to want something more and how to find that something.

You can find Nicole here:

Nicole on Instagram: @niccishoo

Show Notes

  • [03:34] Nicole is on the East Coast of South Africa.
  • [04:07] South Africa celebrates Christmas, but the weather is different. Her family took a road trip and discovered the country and then went to Cape Town and Johannesburg.
  • [04:58] Then some of her family climbed Kilimanjaro on January 1st.
  • [06:15] Melissa met Nicole at Bob Goff's Dream Big Conference.
  • [06:21] Nicole and her husband got married in their early twenties. They have been married for 27 years and have four children.
  • [06:46] Their oldest daughter is in her last year of college and is hoping to go study in Paris.
  • [06:56] Her next daughter is almost 18 and summited Kilimanjaro along with her husband.
  • [07:11] Their son Chase is 15, and son Rory is 11.
  • [08:24] The greatest thing about moving away from family is that you are left with only relying on each other. This creates opportunities to grow and explore.
  • [10:24] Nicole had a lot of problems with one of her daughters, and it took her a long time to get over the control she had over her.
  • [11:57] The worst thing she ever had to do was tell her daughter that she didn't have to love her.
  • [14:39] She told her daughter that she couldn't cross the bridge to see her anymore, but her daughter was welcome to cross the bridge to visit her.
  • [16:19] She also apologized to her other children for all the attention and energy they had to give to her one daughter.
  • [17:33] It's not healthy for a family to have problems that they don't talk about.
  • [21:40] Nicole learned that just because her children are different, it doesn't mean that she is a failure.
  • [22:12] The key is the way that we respond when things go off the rails.
  • [26:12] Nicole has no problem with challenging societal norms. She won't just lie down and play dead.
  • [27:11] Rebels with a cause is about when God puts things in front of us that are different and how doing the same thing everyday to deal with it doesn't work. We can force everything to be the same. We are all here for a purpose and have different treasures within us.
  • [33:42] How there's a swing with people beginning to realize that they can be vulnerable with their emotions.
  • [36:18] Things are now okay with Nicole and her daughter, and they are even friends.
  • [37:58] Our lives and our families are in jeopardy if we don't have an ongoing relationship with God.
  • [40:17] Nicole is trying to turn more in to God, she visualizes herself in a duvet and rolling into Him.
  • [43:46] Nicole answers the rapid fire questions.
  • [47:31] I really loved this interview and how down to earth Nicole is. She does what she can do and lets God sort out the best.

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