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Ordinary People. Ordinary Things. with Melissa Radke

Mar 19, 2019

I love today’s guest. My friend Ashley Berry is a life coach, entrepreneur, cancer survivor, mom, foster mom, and woman of strength and wisdom. She loves and touches everyone she comes into contact with. Ashley is passionate about coaching and seeing lives changed for the better. She has overcome breast cancer and many other obstacles in life and is a pure inspiration. She also proves God's love even in times of uncertainty.

In this episode, we have a no holds barred conversation about life, love, and parenting. Ashley shares her perspective on today’s society and culture and gives some wonderful ways that we can all make our world better. She lives by example and cares for everyone she meets. We talk about men, raising children, respecting each other, and how Ashley turned her breast cancer journey into the inspiration to start a nonprofit to help others in need.

You can find Ashley here:

Living Zoe
Instagram:  @ zoecoaching
Facebook:  @livingzoecoaching

Show Notes

  • [07:20] Ashley was dating her son's father in college. It didn't work out for them, but Ashley has a son named Cayden and now has a good relationship with his father.
  • [09:32] As a result, Ashley is teaching her son to take care of his responsibilities.
  • [10:15] Ashley met her dad when she was 12, and it was a series of let downs after that.
  • [11:26] Ashley is ready to get married. The type of guy who is going to be in her life has to love God first.
  • [13:59] About six years ago, Ashley was praying and she visualized herself sitting with Jesus. That moment changed her relationship with Christ and has helped her to love people differently.
  • [17:02] Ashley grew up with her grandparents until she was seven, and her grandfather was an alcoholic.
  • [19:41] Ashley worries about whether Cayden will be seen differently, because he is black.
  • [22:32] She wants to protect him, so she sets an example of how to be respectful.
  • [25:50] All people deserve the same mutual respect.
  • [27:08] Saying negative things in front of our children leaves a much stronger impact then we realize.
  • [28:13] When we all decide that we are all valuable and worth so much more, and we start truly caring about each other we will stop being mean and start caring about people.
  • [31:07] Melissa shares an example that Oprah told about how pit bulls are loving, but they are feared because of all the bad things people hear. Oprah made the same analogy about black men.
  • [32:12] There are so many good strong intelligent black men who are leaders in this country. These men are setting the pathway for younger black men behind them.
  • [33:17] We can teach children to respond in such a way that doesn't continue the vicious cycle.
  • [33:58] Ashley is also a foster care parent. She has been fostering since August. She now has a 14 month old little boy.
  • [34:57] He is a joy. He sleeps all night long and eats really well.
  • [35:42] People need to show these children what family looks like and break the cycle of dysfunctional families.
  • [37:21] Ashley refuses to allow circumstances to define her. Breast cancer was one of those situations.
  • [38:49] There's no point in just existing. We need to dig deep and get it done.
  • [39:45] Ashley is a life coach and the owner of 3 event venues.
  • [40:27] She also helped her best friend with catering.
  • [40:43] She is also starting a nonprofit called East Texas Cancer Alliance of Hope.
  • [40:58] There is a significant need for tangible hope for people with cancer.
  • [41:56] They will provide tangible hope in the form of gas vouchers, food vouchers, hotel bills, co-pays, and things that will make it easier for people not to have to choose between treatment and paying the bills.
  • [42:30] When Ashley sees a need for something, she goes ahead and does it.
  • [43:57] Do what you can with what you have. Nothing should hold you back. Someone is waiting for you to tell your story. Be authentic and inspire and help someone.
  • [45:20] Ashley loves people, and where she is today is where God has taken her.
  • [47:45] Ashley answers the rapid fire questions.
  • [51:47] Live in such a way that if someone spoke badly about you, no one would believe it. That is how Melissa feels about Ashley.

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