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Ordinary People. Ordinary Things. with Melissa Radke

Apr 18, 2019

This week you'll have the opportunity to go see Breakthrough. It's the real life story of John Smith who fell into a frozen lake and was submerged for 15 minutes. After countless tries to start his heart, John died on the operating table, but everything changed when his mom walked in the room.

Breakthrough is the true story of a modern day miracle. I am so excited to talk with Devon Franklin who produced the movie. Devon is a film & TV producer, best-selling author, preacher, and spiritual success coach. You may have seen some of his other movies like Miracles from Heaven or Heaven Is for Real.

Jason Noble is the real life Pastor of John Smith and is played by Topher Grace in the movie. Jason shares his first hand account of the miracle he witnessed and was a part of. We also talk about the movie, miracles, God, faith, and trials of being a pastor. I also get to ask a few questions about what went on behind the scenes.

Show Notes

  • [03:37] Melissa got to see a preview of breakthrough, and it was so beautiful and powerful, and it was such a relief that she didn't have to ask her kids to leave the room.
  • [05:57] One of the things that Devon is curious about is how Breakthrough full affect youth since the main character John Smith is a teenager.
  • [06:38] If we stop and look around, we will see breakthroughs happening in our lives right now.
  • [07:30] A breakthrough is the moving of an obstacle to let progress can resume.
  • [08:27] Devon also made Miracles from Heaven and Heaven Is for Real. These movies find him.
  • [09:44] Making the films is easy, it's the marketing and promotion that is hard.
  • [11:44] Breakthrough is a true story with a message within the story.
  • [13:44] Devon answers the three questions…
  • [18:41] Jason loves Topher Grace although he always though he would be played by Matt Damon in a movie.
  • [20:51] Joyce Smith and Jason never had any problems in real life.
  • [22:37] A sub part of the story is really a love letter to Pastors.
  • [23:13] Jason knew John would come out of the coma and heal. God was calling him to stay with him.
  • [25:09] Jason saw angels in the room, and he knew that John would walk out of there.
  • [28:27] Part of positioning yourself for a miracle is not giving up.
  • [29:15] When God takes a loved one home, we have to trust him with that and be okay with it.
  • [29:51] We have to pray believing that God is going to show up and be okay with the outcome.
  • [32:00] Jason and the Smiths are family now, they will be close for the rest of their lives. God has put them together for a lifetime.
  • [32:58] Take a friend or someone to the movie with you!
  • [33:35] Jason answers the three questions...

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