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Ordinary People. Ordinary Things. with Melissa Radke

Jan 22, 2019

This episode is for adults only. If your little ones are in the car put their headphones on them. Listen to this episode first before listening to it with your teenager. Katherine Diggs was my guest last season on episode 15. I wasn't going to have her back. She talked about oral sex, and the show made me sweat, but everybody loved her.

Katherine is a genuinely nice person and a wonderful podcast guest. You can ask her questions about anything and she'll answer. She is also extremely smart. Katherine Diggs is a nurse practitioner who specializes in all things female. She is here today to talk about us, our health, teens and sex.

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Show Notes

  • [03:14] Katherine and I go to the same church, and we both feel called to the world.
  • [04:59] Sex is like the economy when the price of it goes down it is cheap.
  • [05:23] Kids as young as 13 are having sexual experiences.
  • [07:24] The stats from 2001 to now have changed dramatically about people's attitudes towards sex and sexual behavior.
  • [08:36] Mental health issues for children have been going up, and there's a direct link to the access of technology.
  • [10:08] It's important to make your rules according to your own kids. Some kids won't have any problem with technology others may go down a deep dark well.
  • [10:16] Kids aren't learning how to engage in real relationships. They are often just engaging sexually.
  • [10:49] Kids are spending hours upon hours on iPads. When they try to navigate and have a real authentic relationship, they don't have the skills to do it.
  • [11:02] How can we rewind and make relationships meaningful again for children?
  • [12:03] If we could teach abstinence and it worked that would be great. Unless those kids come from really good homes where the parents are saying the same thing, it just doesn't work.
  • [15:45] The most common theme for questions asked after Katherine's school lectures are about same-sex relationships.
  • [20:36] There needs to be boundaries and strong hard rules about keeping your hands to yourself.
  • [22:15] Parents need to set up boundaries with their kids for sex.
  • [26:07] It's normal for adolescent kids to relate to the same sex. This year there seems to be a trend with kids thinking same-sex relationships are cool.
  • [28:32] Education is huge in every aspect of our life and the more you know about something the better.
  • [31:17] Educate your kids on the basics and then listen and be really honest with them.
  • [33:43] We have got to instill value on the human body.
  • [35:05] You need to know your kid. 50% of every pregnancy is unplanned.
  • [35:43] Katherine tries to educate moms and kids.
  • [36:31] It's far better to be prepared and to prevent an unplanned pregnancy. Make a decision based on your child's personality.
  • [38:56] If your teen thinks contraception is a free pass then there was some groundwork that wasn't laid.
  • [39:32] HPV vaccine is recommended.
  • [41:36] HIV is still prevalent. It can be caused by teens or anybody having unprotected sex.
  • [44:31] Masturbation comes back to intention. Some people can become addicted. Does it keep you from other healthy activities.
  • [50:42] This was a hard topic, but I'm glad Katherine was here to help me talk about it.
  • [51:36] Katherine answers the lightning round questions.
  • [54:02] If you don't talk to your kids about sex, someone else will.
  • [55:26] Katherine has a program called Living in Truth.

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