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Ordinary People. Ordinary Things. with Melissa Radke

Jul 10, 2019

Doing these podcasts with my family is going to be the death of me. Love us or hate us we are The Radkes. This episode of The Radkes features two mile markers in our lives. Rocco has been wanting a knife for over a year, and he finally gets one. I've been wanting to sing at Minute Maid Park for over 40 years, and I finally get to. 

Like most dreams, you have to work for them. Rocco had to learn proper knife instruction, and well, I had to go to the bathroom. Trust me, working for one of these dreams was harder than the other. This episode features my two favorite men on the entire Earth. The Attorney General David Radke and my tiny precious wonderman Rocco Radke. 

Show Notes:

  • [01:59] Rocks, Rock Star, and Bubba Blue are some of Melissa's favorite nicknames for Rocco. 
  • [03:10] We kick off with the bump your cup song. We were heading to Rocco's game, and I had to ask if he was wearing his cup. Which led to this spontaneous song. 
  • [05:01] Rocco can scream very high, for now. 
  • [06:05] Remi is at camp this week. She created the line, "Why do you have to be so extra?"
  • [07:08] Rocco said he wanted a knife, but it's also a tradition for young men to get a knife or something they have to handle carefully. 
  • [08:05] David had a knife at Rocco's age. He also learned how to handle a knife before he got it. 
  • [09:53] Rocco wants a knife to carve things, cut branches, cut rope, and go fishing. 
  • [13:47] We had a bucket list moment, where Melissa sang at the Astro's game. She sang God Bless America during the seventh inning stretch. 
  • [19:46] Remi always tells Melissa how proud she is of her. Rocco is proud too. Even if, he doesn't say it. 
  • [20:47] This was the last episode of the show. We had a contract for six episodes. There may be more in the future. We don't know. 
  • [20:52] The Radkes is a snapshot of our life during that season and I wouldn't change a thing about it. Ending the season on a high note by me hitting a high note is really the most that I could ever ask for. 
  • [22:09] Melissa taught Rocco that cake meant booty. 
  • [23:40] This is the last Radkes podcast and the end of this season. 
  • [25:48] I am called to ordinary. People watch our show because they can relate. We are all so ordinary but contribute and love in extraordinary ways. 
  • [27:02] This podcast will be back. Subscribe so you don't miss the next season. Thank you. 

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